The benefits of resin bound driveways

The benefits of resin bound driveways

Resin bound driveways are becoming increasingly more common in the UK. In the past, they have been considered an expensive ‘luxury’, reserved for those with large budgets who don’t want to settle for anything less than perfection. However, due to increased competition and advancements in the technology used, resin bound driveways are becoming available at realistic prices and for a range of different budgets. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider installing a resin bound driveway.

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Resin bound driveways are quick and easy to install

Resin bound driveways are installed very quickly. We can usually have them laid and completed within a couple of days, or even hours in some cases (depending on the size of the area). They don’t need to be compacted like tarmac either, which makes them a much quicker option. They are laid quickly and efficiently, and are therefore less disruptive to your home in the process.

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Highly permeable surface offers increased drainage

Resin driveways are highly permeable while still impeding roots. They do not trap water in the aggregate like a traditional concrete drive would. Water that penetrates the surface of the driveway flows through it and is released into the soil underneath.

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A surprisingly smooth finish

The floor texture on resin bound driveways is relatively smooth when compared to asphalt or concrete, making it ideal for those who have wheelchairs, prams or pushchairs using the driveway frequently. The finished product is hard-wearing, stain resistant and is less likely to deteriorate in bad weather conditions or with age.

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Resin driveways come in a variety of design choices

Resin driveways are expensive, requiring specialist contractors who take days or even weeks to finish the job. With Rezitt you can create your own bespoke resin driveway with a colour palette of almost limitless options. We can adapt to any design ideas or colour choices you have in mind. Just check out our image galleries to find out what you can achieve.

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Low maintenance

Resin driveways are a great low-cost alternative to tarmac and can be laid over many different surface types. It is easy to clean and keep looking new, but also durable enough to stand up under heavy vehicle usage. This allows a safer, more durable and slip-free surface making it not only ideal for family homes but also for schools, hospitals and more.

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Resin bound has a variety of purposes

Resin bound surfacing can be used as a low cost, versatile alternative to other types of outdoor flooring. While this makes it an ideal choice for driveways, it could still meet your needs if you’re planning a new patio or some garden areas. Resin bound footpaths can be used around swimming pools to offer a gripped surface and protect the grass from chemicals.

Now that you are clued up on why resin bound is the way to go for your new driveway, call the Rezitt team today on 0161 339 4283. Get a free, no obligation quote for driveways of any shape or size.